Club Welfare Officers

Club Welfare Officers (also known as Club Safeguarding Officers) are important people. They are the ones who are looking out for the welfare of other club members and visitors to the club.

Why is it important for my club to have a Club Welfare Officer?

All clubs affiliated to Croquet England are expected to have a Club Welfare Officer. Their main purpose is to ensure that everyone is safe to enjoy their croquet. They will help to make everyone aware of the club’s and Croquet England’s policies and procedures. They are the people that anyone with a concern is going to turn to first.

If a safeguarding or welfare concern is raised, the Club Welfare Officer will help to respond and record it but they will NOT make any judgement on whether abuse has occurred. Instead, they will report the concern to the Federation and/or National Safeguarding Officer who will decide what action is required.

How do I find out who my Club Welfare Officer is?

Everyone in the club should know who their Welfare Officer is and how to contact them for advice or to discuss a concern. Their contact details should be displayed in the club house or on the club’s website, if possible. If you cannot find it, then contact your club’s committee or ask the Croquet England office 01242 242318.

Further information:

Full details of the roles and responsibilities of Safeguarding/Welfare Officers within Croquet England can be found at Safeguarding Roles and Responsibilities