How to join Croquet England

Want to try croquet out for the first time? The easiest way to do this is to play at a local club. You don’t need to be a member to play, but you might want to join the club once you’ve played a few times.

Join us

On top of giving you access to your local club’s facilities, training, competitions and social activities, joining your local affiliated croquet club gives you standard membership to Croquet England.

This means you receive:
  • a 2% discount in the Croquet England Shop
  • online access to our magazine, the Croquet Gazette, plus paper copies for the first year
  • access to competitions in our calendar, training courses and other qualifications

How do I find my nearest croquet club?

You can find your local club by visiting our where to play page. All our club members are warm and welcoming and are happy to talk tactics, whether you want to play at a social or competitive level.

We also have a number of introductory courses you can take to help you understand the game. Plus, if you’re under 25, there are bursary schemes, sponsorships and additional coaching schemes available.

Premium and overseas membership are also available. Find out more on our individual memberships page.