Where to Play Croquet

If you enjoy playing croquet in your garden or you’d like to play croquet but don’t have a big enough garden, you might want to consider joining a croquet club. Visit our members website to find a club near you by typing your postcode.

Croquet clubs in England welcome players of all levels, whether it’s your first time playing the game or you’re practising for your next tournament. Similarly, you’ll find a mix of social and more serious games depending on what you’re after.

How much does it cost to join a croquet club in England?

Croquet is fairly inexpensive when compared with other sports.  Club membership costs are usually in the region of £100 to £300 per year and Junior membership is significantly less.  Many clubs also offer a free introductory period.

The club will usually provide all the equipment you need to play, including mallets, hoops and balls. All you need to play are flat-soled shoes (e.g. trainers) to avoid damaging the lawns.

Once you have been playing for a while, you will probably want to buy your own mallet. A good quality mallet that’s suitable for club play typically costs between £200 and £350.

Play Croquet with the National Trust

Croquet England are proud to be collaborating with the National Trust, creating opportunities for people to try croquet in beautiful and historic surroundings.

The National Trust are helping us to encourage more people, playing more croquet, in more places!

Just search croquet to find a National Trust site near you, the best time of year to visit for a game is during spring and autumn.’ Home | National Trust

Image of Blickling Estate in Norfolk| National Trust Images