Governance Matters

Croquet England is the National Governing Body for the sport of Croquet (all versions) in England. It is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registered Charity number 1202444) with an approved Constitution. It was formed in 2023, replacing The Croquet Association (formed 1896).

The Board of Trustees is the ultimate decision-making body. It is accountable to the Charity Commission, as well as to the croquet playing community. For efficient running it has adopted a set of Standing Orders. In practice, the Trustees limit themselves to deciding on, and reviewing, strategy and general policy, using their powers of delegation to appoint :-

The Executive deals with the day to day running of the organisation. The members of the Executive are appointed by the Trustees.  This includes a Chief Executive Officer, a Treasurer and a Secretary. One of the Trustees (usually the Chair) is also a member of the Executive. The Executive has adopted a Practice Book that defines the roles and responsibilities of the various committees, panels and individuals appointed by it.

The Policies and Procedures and other documents related to Governance can all be found below.

Constitution for Croquet England
Standing Orders of the Board
Practice Book
Delegations Policy

Membership Rules of Croquet England
Rules for the election of the President, Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members

Risk Management Strategy
Finance and Reserves Policy
Expenses Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy
Conflict of Interest Declaration

Codes of Conduct

Complaints Procedure
Volunteer Grievance Procedure
Whistleblowing Policy
Whistleblowing Procedure

Volunteer’s Charter

Policy for Documents of Governance and Administration
Procedure for Documents of Governance and Administration
House-style guidance for all documents