Is something not quite right?

Have you heard or seen something or been told something that worries you?

A welfare or safety concern could arise at any time in your club. It may be in relation to children or adults. They may not say anything themselves, but you may hear or see something or someone else may tell you something.

If you have a concern do not ignore it


Further information:

The categories of child abuse and some signs and indicators to look out for are given in Croquet England’s Child Safeguarding – Guidance

The signs and indicators of abuse and neglect in adults are given in Croquet England’s Adult Safeguarding – Supporting Information

Definitions of abuse are explained in this video from The Ann Craft Trust:
Definitions of Abuse on Vimeo

If you think this could not happen at your club, then take a look at these videos from The Ann Craft Trust and ask yourself what would you do?


Sandra, Lunch Club Volunteer – A Safeguarding Scenario

It is not your responsibility to decide whether abuse has taken place, but it is your responsibility to act on your concerns.