An introduction to safeguarding.

These Safeguarding guides on Welfare Matters explain what to do, in four easy-to-follow steps, with links to Croquet England’s full policies and procedures.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is about preventing and protecting adults and children from abuse. We have a duty of care to look after each other and to protect everyone, particularly those who are most vulnerable to harm, within our croquet community.

Being abused means a person is being hurt in some way by someone else. It can take many forms. It may be a one-off incident or it may happen repeatedly over time.

Abuse can come from anywhere. It may be a family member, a carer, a coach, a committee member, a groundsman, a friend or another player. It can happen at home, in the changing room, during play, on social media or on the way to and from the club.

Who needs protection from abuse?

Anyone can be the victim of abuse. Young people under 18 years old are automatically classed as ‘at risk’. For adults the term ‘at risk’ is tightly defined in legislation (Care Act 2014) but any adult could be vulnerable to harm in particular circumstances or at certain times of their life. They may need protection to prevent harm.


Anyone could be vulnerable some of the time.

Everyone should be safeguarding all of the time.


Further information

Croquet England’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Adult Safeguarding Policy.

A short introductory video (3m 40 secs) on safeguarding adults and children can be found at:

Understanding safeguarding

Advice for clubs can be found at Sport England’s Club Matters Managing welfare and safeguarding

A FREE introductory course Safeguarding In Sport | Survivor Led Child Safeguarding Training is highly recommended to raise the awareness of everyone in croquet, whether or not there are children at their club.

Croquet England’s National Safeguarding Officer’s contact details:

[email protected] or phone 01242 384643