Hertfordshire win the Association Croquet Inter-County Championship 2024

Over 160 players from 23 different teams played in a festival of Croquet to battle for the honor of winning the Inter-County Championship.  Croquet is predominantly played competitively in singles events, although several times a year doubles will be played in team events in leagues and championships.

Congratulations to the Hertfordshire team, captained by Simon Hathrell from Watford Croquet Club.  He accepted the trophy with pride, saying “The Hertfordshire team have not won the trophy since 1908, I am so proud of my team for this achievement”.

A special mention goes to Croquet England’s very own Archivist, Chris ‘Statto’ Williams, who seamlessly managed the tournament for a 26th year.

Another great achievement comes from the Sussex team, where Roger Wood from Compton Croquet Club, captained his team for 50th and last time.  Perhaps the longest sporting captaincy in Sussex History.