England retain the Trophy for the Golf Croquet Test Match against Spain

Captained for the fourth time by J-P Moberly, England retained the trophy once again.  This is the fourth time the test match has been contested, with England now winning 3 of the 4 tests.

The three day event at Roehampton Croquet Club was livestreamed on the Croquet England YouTube channel, viewed by over 6,000 Croquet Fans from around the world.  Chris Clarke, England’s Chair of Selectors, provided exceptional commentary throughout the event which kept the viewers up to date with tactical developments and player statistics.  Chris commented on the expertly prepared lawns at Roehampton which were running at 13 seconds.

England showed an excellent performance winning 17 matches to Spains 10.  This was the first time that the home side has won.

Stuart M Smith, England’s fifth seed, was the only England player to win all singles matches and only dropped one doubles match with partner Tobi Savage.

Spain’s Jose “Pepe” Riva won all three of his singles matches 2-0, a superb performance playing at number 1.

Both teams will be competing in the GC World Team Championship in Tasmania in February 2025.  Only the top four available players will make the final team.

Team details:

J-P Moberly (C) [Bowdon Croquet Club]

Jamie Burch [Reigate Croquet Club]

Euan Burridge [Bowdon Croquet Club]

Aston Wade [Hurlingham Croquet Club]

Stuart M Smith [Sidmouth Croquet Club]

Tobi Savage [Ramsgate Croquet Club]


Image credit: Louise Smith