Croquet England announces Women’s team selection ahead of International Women’s Day

Six players have been selected to play in the Croquet England Women’s select team for a test match against the winners of the 2023 Division 2 Inter-county Championship, Suffolk.  The test match was first introduced in 2016, initially organized to encourage experience in competitive match play for the Women players of Croquet, whilst also preparing the County team winners for their promotion to Division 1.

Croquet encourages equality and diversity in sport

Croquet has long been known for the sport which can be played on equal terms by all players.  At Championship level the courts are prepared with as much precision as the Croquet actually played on them.  With the grass mowed to 5mm and the hoops set to 1/64th of an inch clearance on either side of the ball, this is a sport which rewards technique and precision over constant power.

In the past few years Croquet England has taken part in many campaigns to encourage inclusivity and diversity in sport.  All affiliated clubs have been encouraged to take part in #ThisGirlCan which was launched in 2015 by Sport England.  Following this, Croquet England promoted its own initiative called ‘Opening Doors on Croquet’, to encourage all clubs to welcome all members if their local communities and grow a more diverse membership.

Event & team details

The Croquet England Women vs Suffolk test match will be played at Surbiton Croquet Club on 20-21st April 2024.  Surbiton Croquet Club are looking forward to hosting the event and welcome all spectators.  Visitors who would like to learn more about Croquet would be welcome to talk to the club members about the sport and the players will often offer commentary during play.

Player details:
Debbie Lines [Current Women’s World Champion], Peterborough Croquet Club, Essex County Player
Alison Maugham, Surbiton Croquet Club, Hertfordshire County Player
Annabel McDiarmid, Woking Croquet Club, Lancashire County Player
Beatrice McGlen, Nottingham Croquet Club, Wiltshire County Player
Sophie McGlen, Oxford University Croquet Club, Oxfordshire County Player
Diana Wilson, Roehampton Croquet Club

Non-playing Team Captain: Gabrielle Higgins, Sussex County Croquet Club, Middlesex County Player

[Team Captain Gabrielle Higgins, pictured left.  Photo by Jeff Soo]