About the Croquet Association

The Croquet Association (CA) is the National Governing Body for the sport of Croquet in England and Wales, and is responsible for promoting, regulating and co-ordinating all forms of the game in this area.

The CA is a not for profit organisation, funded through club and tournament levies, individual subscriptions, and donations. The vast majority of its activities are conducted by volunteers.

It works with the Regional Federations and its Member Clubs, to support Croquet at all levels, from games played in the garden and local play at clubs, through regional and national tournaments to international tournaments and matches.

You can become a member of the CA directly as an individual or automatically by joining a Member Club.

The key areas of work undertaken by the CA are:

  • Governance of the sport
    • Develops and implements Schemes, Plans and Policies
    • Maintains and develops the Laws and Rules of croquet in collaboration with the World Croquet Federation (WCF)
    • Trains and qualifies referees
    • Appointment of Training Academies and setting the standards for training activities
    • Recognises contribution and achievement at both club and member level by presentation of awards and medals
  • Supporting Member Clubs
    • Provides grants, loans and other practical assistance for new, developing and established clubs
    • Provides Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance for all member clubs
    • Publishes information to assist coaches, managers, groundsmen, and all other aspects of club management, with croquet-related activities
    • Promotes press coverage for the game
  • Supporting Croquet Players
    • Trains and qualifies a national network of coaches at all levels
    • Publishes information on equipment, training and tactics
    • Publishes The Croquet Gazette and maintains the CA website
    • Drives and supports aspiring international players
    • Runs award schemes to encourage enterprising play and recognise the most improved players
  • Promoting and coordinating competition
    • Co-ordinates and publishes the national tournament calendar for member club and CA managed events
    • Organises championship events and national inter-club competitions
    • Works closely with the Work Croquet Federation in scheduling International events and supports the organisation by Member Clubs of those held in England
    • Selects and supports national representative teams and assists players representing the CA at home and abroad
    • Supervises the handicap and player ranking systems

As a sport run almost entirely by volunteers, the CA is always looking for people to help at the club, federation and national level. If you can help out in any way please contact your local club or the CA directly.