Play Association Croquet!

Association Croquet is based upon the concept of turns with more than one shot, akin to Snooker played on grass. It was invented in the mid-19th century and there are some suggestions that Snooker was invented by the Indian army soon after when the monsoon rain prevented Croquet play!

You get

  • an additional shot if  you go through a hoop or
  • two extra shots if you hit another ball (called a roquet).
    In this case you pick up your ball, put it next to the ball you hit and take your first shot (croquet) moving both balls.
    For the second shot (continuation shot) you normally try to hit another ball or score a hoop to gain more extra shots to continue the turn and so on.

To win a game both of your two balls must go through all six hoops twice and then each hit the peg in the middle. The order of hoops is shown on the right.

Association Croquet has many different types of two ball shots. As you become more proficient you are able to build longer turns and use both attacking and defensive strategies.

There’s also a handicap system to allow for even play between players of different ability.

For more details see this Synopsis.

{Images: take-off with distant target ball in background and peg-out}

Golf Croquet Hoop Order