George Wood Discovery Croquet Mallet

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35 customer reviews


A superior club croquet mallet with a square hardwood head and a carbon fibre shaft. Available in a range of weights and lengths.

These mallets are a hybrid between the Original and Evolution mallets using lightweight carbon/EVA handles and attractive Sheesham hardwood heads with 12 mm thick tufnol end plates.

George Wood only uses imported hardwoods which are certified as being sourced from sustainably managed forests. The timber is air dried in block form for over three years. The inlaid sighting line is made from sycamore. Tufnol is a 12 mm thick brown resin-impregnated cloth material, which is bonded with a slightly flexible adhesive onto the ends. The end plates are virtually unbreakable and provide a crisp and true surface for striking the ball.

Standard heads measure 60 mm (2 3/8″) wide x 65 mm (2 1/2″) high in 9 1/4″ length,  10″ and 11″ heads are also available.

When an appropriate mallet handle has been fitted, lead weights are inserted into pre-drilled holes on the under side of the head and then plugged with hardwood dowels to achieve the desired overall weight. Our standard weight mallet is 3.00 lbs overall. Mallet weights from 2 lbs 10 oz to 3 lbs 6 oz may be custom made at no extra charge.

The top section of the handle is shaped to an octagonal pattern 31 mm x 27 mm with the lower section hand turned to an attractive and comfortable shape for use as a roll grip, the advantage of this means you can hold the handle at any part. The virtually indestructible 17 mm diameter carbon and fibreglass shaft is foam filled to minimize vibrations. EVA is a closed cell foam grip material being waterproof, comfortable and light. The EVA is specifically made in a 35 mm tubular form of relatively firm hardness. The grip sections are individually shaped to a traditional octagonal shape measuring 31 mm x 27 mm. All mallets are supplied with a medium stiff flex. 

Coloured shafts: Due to limited space we usually keep in stock either the royal blue & tan or the new triple coloured red/blue/tan. Other colours are available as a special order, (all blue, all red, all tan or red & tan plus the beautiful new mustard colour). Please allow 3-4 weeks for special orders.

If you have a colour preference please state this in the order notes at checkout or contact us for further help.

All shafts have an 8 coloured band showing the order of play.

Measurement of the mallet is from the top of the shaft to the ground.

35 reviews for George Wood Discovery Croquet Mallet

  1. Nicholas B

    Beautifully made, very handy mallet. I like the thin handle, the polygonal grip and the feel of the mallet as I swing it. More than adequate for my level of skill.

  2. Gill H

    Enjoying using.

  3. Paul B

    It was what I had hoped for so very pleased.

  4. Steve B


  5. Roger E

    A standard very good mallet, ideal for a decent “run of the mill” club player like me!

  6. Chris H

    Beautifully made mallets, but they are quite expensive !

  7. Gill H


  8. Donna H

    It looks beautiful. I can’t wait for the start of the season to try it.

  9. Simon C


  10. Graham Otter (verified owner)

  11. Anthony Beet (verified owner)

    Purchased for a friend who saw mine. Very pleased but not yet used. Efficient ordering and delivery.

  12. Keith (verified owner)

    Lovely mallet

  13. Madeleine Coates (verified owner)

    Very good mallet. Excellent delivery time

  14. Janet Goodwin (verified owner)

  15. Norman Ellis (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected.The execution of the order and the delivery service was faultless and could not be improved.

  16. Jackie Briers (verified owner)

    A good weight and comfortable grip

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Mine was £276 not £230. I have only played a couple of games so far but it is better than my old mallet, which had developed wobbly head syndrome! Service was swift and friendly. Arrived within 24 hours of being ordered.

  18. Michael E. (verified owner)

    Terrific purchase, personal service which really helped, delivery was very good. I am new to the game and play golf croquet only, the mallet is superb and I like the combination of the wooden head and modern materials in the shaft. I can highly recommend this item and purchase experience.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Having a mallet of the correct size has improved my croquet tremendously.

  20. Hilary M. (verified owner)

    Very polite friendly and helpful

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Patricia (verified owner)

    Very helpful

  23. Jan (verified owner)

    It’s my first mallet and I am yet to get fully acquainted with it, but so far so good. But I need some tuition to fully comment on it.

  24. Juan Palmer (verified owner)

  25. John Lang (verified owner)

    very pleased with the way you dealt with my order

  26. Dertek Sweeting (verified owner)

    I ordered and paid for the new mallet on Wednesday 26 July and paid an extra £7.20 for ‘express’ delivery. There was an abortive attempt to deliver on the following date but, apparently, the driver was given the payment address and not the delivery one. It was not until Monday 31 July that the mallet finally arrived so I was a little disappointed that the service was not more efficient. I had planned to play in a small ‘tournament’, over the weekend, with the new mallet so was unable to do so.

  27. Christine T. (verified owner)

    Slowly getting used to it.

  28. Peter Payne-Hanlon (verified owner)

    Too early to say yet.@

  29. Diana B. (verified owner)

    I was lucky you had mine in stock. I love it

  30. Andrew Petit (verified owner)

    The service was very helpful and range of mallets was excellent.
    I’ve deducted 1 star because at £270.48 (after CA members’ discount) the price was a bit more than advertised.

  31. KEVIN W. (verified owner)

    Really great mallet. Only used a few times as weather not good. Felt at home with it from the first moment.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very helpful pleasant and knowledgeable staff . Pleased with Mallet

  33. Alison Murray (verified owner)

  34. Tony Drew (verified owner)

    Good helpful service

  35. Sarah (verified owner)

    Beautifully made the mallet is a pleasure to play with

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