George Wood Two Piece Airline Shaft Mallet

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This two piece airline shaft mallet is the latest innovation from George Wood Mallets. Made up of two precision ground shafts and aluminum fitting which automatically align the handle with the head and is then secured with an allen key.  This allows the mallet to be taken apart for travel and reassembled in seconds and also adjustable up to 4″ high. The full length octagonal handle comes with 2 x 1″ inserts. (When ordering please take into account the finished size required for example for a 34″-36″ mallet a 33″ mallet would need to be ordered).

The Evolution Mallet is a superbly balanced mallet that provides players with more power, while maintaining better control.

Milled stainless steel end plates provide peripheral weighting to an attractive Indian Sheesham hardwood and Sycamore head. The main concept of the laminated head is to reduce the weight of the wooden section so that thicker metal end plates can be used, thus maximizing the effect of peripheral weighting. It also increases the stability of the head by having the heavier wood on the sides. For longer or lighter heads a wider central core is used. By re-distributing some of the mass close to the striking faces, the moment of inertia is increased. This makes the head more stable during the swing, particularly for making accurate rushes, long roquets, and hitting-in. Also such a mallet turns less when shots are hit off-centre.
George Wood only uses imported hardwoods which are certified as being sourced from sustainably managed forests. The timber is air dried in block form for over two years. The white central core is made from the sapwood of poplar or sycamore and this has an inlaid dark sighting line.

The standard head length is 10” in length.

The virtually indestructible 17 mm diameter carbon and fiberglass shaft is foam filled to minimize vibrations and they weigh an average of just over 10 ounces. EVA is a closed cell foam grip material being waterproof, comfortable and light. The standard is a traditional octagonal shape measuring 31 mm x 27 mm. All mallets are supplied with medium stiff shafts that come apart for travel.

Coloured shafts: The two piece airline shaft Evolution mallet is available in any of the following colour combinations royal blue & tan, the new triple coloured red/blue/tan, all blue, all red, all tan, red & tan and the beautiful new mustard colour.

Due to limited space we are unable to keep this item in stock and is only available as a special order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for special orders.
If you have a colour preference please state this in the order notes at checkout or contact us for further help.

All shafts have an 8 coloured band showing the order of play.

Here’s a review from Cheryl  Bromley #1 women’s GC player in America:

I can tell you that I put my new 2-piece handle mallet through the paces recently in Florida and it performed well.  I played 7 matches in a 3-day tournament, then taught 24 hours of lessons over a 4-day period followed by playing matches for 5-1/2 hours. I never had to tighten it or adjust it and it felt great – no different from the other Evolution mallets I’ve previously played with.  It also saved me $60 in additional baggage fees that I normally would have had to pay just on this one trip!


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